Nicolo Payen and “Fringotés, jeusnes fillettes”

This chanson is reported by Lesure and Merritt[1] as bearing an attribution to Janequin in Gardano’s Venticinque canzoni (RISM153819) and subsequently to Giaches Du Pont in Moderne’s Secondo libro di Canzon Francese (RISM 15485). The information provided by Lesure and Merritt, however, is in error. Gardano attributes “Fringotés” to Nicolo Payen in 153819, and then to Du Pont in the 15485 reprint of that volume, such that while there remains a conflicting attribution (Payen/Du Pont), it does not involve Janequin. Laura McDowell includes “Fringotés, jeusnes fillettes” in her edition of the works of Payen,[2] a pupil of Gombert who served in the capilla flamenca of Charles V, while Jeffrey Dean credits the work to Du Pont (c. 1510–1546), a French composer active in Rome.[3]

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