Proverbs (1558)

Proverbes de Salomon, mis en cantiques, & rime francoise, selon la vérité hébraïque: nouvellement composées. (LeRoy & Ballard, Paris, 1558) [RISM J455](tb); Gindron/Rivery, Lausanne, 1556 (s).

When Janequin mentions “unusual chords” (“accords non-usité”) in his dedication to Queen Catherine de Medici of the psalms of 1557 (printed in 1559), new chromatic efftects were in the air, and it is tempting to think that perhaps the Proverbs, written at about the same time, also show signs of this new trend.  Unfortunately, the chromaticism in question would have been likely to show up most often in the inner voices, and it is just one of these (the altus) which we lack for the Proverbs.  Nevertheless, the tenor voice does exist, and in the reconstructions which follow, serves as a kind of benchmark for the suggested harmonic realizations.  The Proverbs are discussed in Chapter 10 of Clément Janequin: French Composer at the Dawn of Music Publishing.  See also Proverbs (1558): notes on the transcriptions.

LMN 328              1. Chap I                              Propos exquis

LMN 329              2. Chap VIII                        La sapience eleve

LMN 330              3. Chap IX                           La sapience a basty sa maison

LMN 331              4. Chap IX s.                       Celuy qui du moquer

LMN 332              5. Chap XI                           La fausse balance

LMN 333              6. Chap XII                          Qui ayme la doctrine

LMN 334              7. Chap XIII                         Le sage enfant

LMN 335              8. Chap XIV                        La femme sage

LMN 336              9. Chap XV                          Responce douce

LMN 337              10.Chap XVI                       L’homme en son coeur

LMN 338              11.Chap XVII                      Mieux vaut un morceau

LMN 339              12.Chap XXI                       Au cri du povre delaissé

LMN 340              13.Chap XXII                      Mieux vaut bonne renommé

LMN 341              14.Chap XXIV                    N’ensuy le train

LMN 342              15.Chap XXIV s.               Passant au champ

LMN 343              16.Chap XXV                      C’est gloire a Dieu

LMN 344              17.Chap XXVII                   Mon fils ne te glorifie

LMN 345              18.Chap XXVII s.              Des eaux la claire liqueur

LMN 346              19.Chap XXVIII                 L’homme meschant

LMN 347              20.Chap XXXI                     Qui trouvera la femme