Candidates to the Canon

The following list contains chansons that at one time or another have been attributed to or associated with Janequin, but which were not included in Lesure and Merritt’s editions of Clément Janequin: chansons polyphoniques. Short discussions trace arguments for and against inclusion in the Janequin canon.

Candidate 1: “Nous bergiers et bergieres”

Candidate 2: “A mon resveil ung oyseau”

Candidate 3: “Amour, amour”

Candidate 4: “L’espoir que j’ay”

Candidate 5: “Joyeusement il fait bon vivre”

Candidate 6: “Une Deese en ce temps la”

Candidate 7: “Peine et travail”

Candidate 8: “Qui la dira”