Manuscripts «Appendix B: Manuscript Sources» in Clément Janequin: French Composer at the Dawn of Music Publishing (pp. 335–39) lists manuscripts that contain, claim to contain or have been presumed to contain vocal music by Janequin, with sections on: manuscripts that predate 1528, manuscripts dated 1528 to 1600, manuscripts containing the Layolle/Moderne Battle Mass (1532–1600), manuscripts containing incorrect attributions (1528–1600) and manuscripts copied after 1600.

Prints «Appendix C: Prints» in Clément Janequin: French Composer at the Dawn of Music Publishing (pp. 341–48) lists publications between 1528 and 1560 containing vocal music by Janequin.

This section of the website contains:

Lost Sources and Phantoms, with units on lost and damaged sources, bibliographic entries, publisher inventories and inferred phantoms.

Conflicting Attributions, in which conflicting attributions with Passereau, Clemens, Gardano, Du Metz, Maillard, Willært, Payen, Bon Voisin, Sohier, Crecquillon and Hesdin are listed and reviewed.

Challenged Attributions, in which attributions to Janequin about which there have been raised doubts are listed and reviewed.

Candidates to the Canon, in which arguments for and against the inclusion of nine chansons omitted from Lesure and Merritt’s edition of Janequin’s secular chansons (Clément Janequin: chansons polyphoniques, 1965-71) are presented, and some recommendations offered.