Missa “L’Aveuglé dieu”: notes on the transcriptions

1. Sources:  Missae duodecim, cum quatuor vocibus, a celeberrimis authoribus conditae…  Parisiis… Nicholas du Chemin… 1554 is in the Bayerische Staatsbibliotek (Munich) Mus.  pr. 2/39.  A manuscript copy from Breslau (ca. 1568-72) is in Stadtbibliotek zu Berlin, Sammlung Bohn, Mus ms 93 (formerly WrocS 93).

2. Staff presentation/key signatures/ transposition:  The music has been transcribed, but not transposed. The original clefs for all sections of the mass were (from high to low):  C1, C3, C4, and F4.

3. Metric indications/note values/barlines/tempi:  The original metric indications (barred C and 3) have been represented as barred C and 3/4.  Breves in the original are expressed as half notes in the transcriptions, and the other values adjusted accordingly.  Barlines are for convenience of reference, and do not indicate phrasing.  Final tones are presumed held for a period determined by the performers.

4. Text underlay:  Orthography (“j” for “i” etc.) has been modernized, abbreviations have been realized (“nous” for “n9” etc.)  Punctuation and capitalization are as in the original. Ligatures have been indicated by brackets.

5. Musica ficta:  Sharps and flats which are present in the original are presented within the staff, editorial suggestions are placed above the staff.