Missa l’aveuglé Dieu (1554)

Missæ duodecim, cum quatuor vocibus (DuChemin,  Paris , 1554) (D:Mbs) [no RISM number]

Janequin is frequently represented in musicological literature as having composed either two masses or else none at all (“…two masses of doubtful attribution…”).  There is no reason whatsoever to doubt the authenticity of LMN 295 Missa l’Aveuglé Dieu, based on his own chanson (LM209 “L’Aveuglé Dieu).  A complete copy in the easily recognizable typefaces of Nicolas Du Chemin rests safely in the Bayerische Staatsbibliotek in Munich, ready to be examined by any who might harbor doubts.  Missa l’Aveuglé Dieu is examined in detail in Clément Janequin: Life and Works, Chapter 33: “The Mass “L’Aveuglé Dieu.”) There is, however, every reason to harbor doubts as to Janequin’s authorship of Missa Battaglia, published by Jacques Moderne in Lyon in 1532 and again  in 1540. My reasons for excluding this handily crafted pastiche are outlined in Clément Janequin: Life and Works, Chapter 46: “Challenged Attributions.” Missa Battaglia has been edited by Frank Dobbins (Fazer, 1995.) See also “Missa l’aveuglé dieu (1554): notes on the transcriptions.”

LMN 295a Kyrie

LMN 295b Gloria

LMN 295c Credo

LMN 295d Sanctus

LMN 295e Agnus Dei