Sacred music

Motets (1533)

28 Psalms (1549)

Mass Aveuglé Dieu (1554)

Chansons spirituelles (1555)

Lamentations (1556)

Proverbs (1558)

82 Psalms (1559)

The transcriptions offered here are new, also for the handful of sacred works that have been previously edited (by among others Honegger, Pidoux and LaBelle.)  The numbering system follows that initiated by Lesure and Merritt for the secular works: it is arranged chronologically from early to late. Inasmuch as the last entry in the secular catalogue was numbered LM254, the sacred catalogue begins with LMN 255 (the letter “N” serving as a reminder that responsibity for the sacred catalogue rests with the present author.)  Discussions of the sacred works are found in Clément Janequin: Life and Works in Chapter 17: “The motets of 1533,” Chapter 29: “The psalm settings of 1549,” Chapter 33: “The mass ‘Aveuglé Dieu’,” Chapter 34: “The Year 1555,” and Chapter 42: “Sacred works printed by LeRoy & Ballard.”

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