Prefatory poem by editor Claude Goudimel in the volume (Missae duodecim) containing Janequin’s Missa L’Aveuglé dieu (1554)

Claudii Godimelli Vesontini ad lectorem Carmen

Sacra salutiferos caussantur mystica fructus:
Musica concentu dulcis habenda suo est.
Si divina placent, et Musica recreat aureis,
Multiplicis liber hic utilitatis erit.
Nam sacra sunt adeo cantu exornata sonoro,
Ut nihil auditu dulcius esse queat.
Hinc sumenda tibi, Lector, recreatio mentis:
Hinc et habes auris gaudia mille tuae.
His moveare bonis,  ut emas hunc aere libellum.
Non incorrectum (crede) videbis opus.


Claude Goudimel of Besançon to the reader

The sacred rites produce salvation-bearing fruit:
Music is to be considered sweet by its own harmony.
If divine things please and Music refreshes the ears,
This will be a book of manifold usefulness.
For sacred rites are so adorned with sonorous song,
That nothing can be sweeter to hear.
From this you are to take, O Reader, your mind’s refreshement:
From this you have a thousand joys for your ear.
Be moved by these benefits so as to buy this book with money.
You will see (believe me) no uncorrected work.

(Translation James Heywood Alexander, «Nicolas du Chemin’s Moduli undecim festorum of 1554» Phd diss, Union Theological Seminary, 1967.)