Primary Sources «Appendix A» of Clément Janequin: French Composer at the Dawn of Music Publishing (pp. 323–33)  provides an overview of fifteenth and sixteenth century documents written, signed by or concerning Janequin or his immediate family.

Secondary Sources lists mentions of Janequin and members of the extended Janequin family in contemporary documents and inventories.

Prebends and Church Appointments provides a list of the known prebends and church appointments held by Janequin.

Prefaces and Dedications contains Janequin’s preface to the 28 Psalms (1549), Nicolas Du Chemin’s preface to the Missae Duodecim (1554), Claude Goudimel’s preface to the Missae Duodecim (1554), Janequin’s dedication of the Premier livre des inventions to François de Guise (1555) and Janequin’s dedication of the 82 Psalms to Catherine de Medici (1559).

Poetry and Literature contains an overview of literary references to Janequin between 1520-1670 plus excerpts from works by Jean Daniel, Eustorg de Beaulieu and Nöel du Fail.

Last Will and Testament Janequin’s last will and testament was dated January 18, 1558.